Real-Life Santa Spends $79,000 Making Christmas Magical for 300 Families with Gifts on Layaway

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OK, so we all know Santa Claus isn’t real. But he kind of is, because a rosy-cheeked man with a white beard just made Christmas magical for hundreds of Pennsylvania families whose Christmas gifts were on layaway at Walmart.

According to Yahoo Parenting, the anonymous man spent $79,000 paying off the balances of every item on layaway at the Walmart in Mechanicsburg, Penn., on December 14.

Store manager Steven Myers said the store employees dubbed the anonymous do-gooder Santa B., and he’s just going to run with the story that Santa is real.

”When I got to meet Santa yesterday, he had those rosy cheeks and he had the white beard, so I’m going to say Santa is real,” Myers said.

Paying off the layaway items at that one Walmart benefited between 200 and 300 families this Christmas, Myers said. Many of the beneficiaries said they were extraordinarily grateful. Some would have had to cancel their layaways, and others said that they had been worrying about how they would manage to pay their balances and get the presents in time for Christmas.

”It’s great to see this,” one mother told Fox11 News. ”I was worried if I was going to get all my checks in time to pick up the presents.”

Santa B. appears to be on a giving spree all around the area, too. Another Pennsylvania Walmart in nearby Harrisburg reported that a man with a white beard also came into the store and paid off all the items on layaway there as well. Myers says he’s pretty sure that is the same Santa B.

”He just said he wants to give back to neighbors,” said Myers, ”and it’s just a way of showing appreciation, taking care of the community.”

Myers knows Santa B.’s real identity, but will not be spoiling the secret.

Man, it’d be tough to keep a secret like that! Imagine if you were at a diner or something and you saw a guy who you happened to know had spent nearly $80,000 buying Christmas presents for hundreds of strangers? I feel like it would be tough to keep a straight face and not just follow the world’s nicest old dude around with a big, dopey grin all day.

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