Sandy Hook, The Westboro Baptist Church, And How We Are All Anonymous

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Another motto of Anonymous is “NYPA”, which stands for Not Your Personal Army. This basically means you can’t throw throw up the Anonymous bat-signal and expect them to harass a telemarketer who is calling you during the dinner hour. But if your house were to burn down and you threw up the bat-signal, I am almost positive you would wake to strangers in your yard in Fawke’s masks with warm blankets. Anonymous are everywhere. They are lawyers and doctors and garbage men and college students and executives and men and women and all of us.

In this world we need hope. In this world we need Batman and superheroes and to know that those are out there, good policemen and firemen and teachers and medical workers. We need to know that in our darkest times, when things like Hurricane Sandy happen, when Sandy Hook happens, when it seems there is no light or hope and that there is nothing good left in the world, that there is. It just goes without a face, and it goes with no membership fees, and it goes a lot of the time with no recognition. To me it feels like these days anyone with a heart and a strong desire to help those in need are Anonymous. You can’t join Anonymous. But all of us are Anonymous. Expect us.

(Photo: Twitter, YourAnonNews)

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