Go Grab The Kleenex, No Really. Some Kids From Sandy Hook Recorded ‘Over The Rainbow’ At A Rock Star’s House

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515r8DDNLBL._SL500_AA280_One Quick note: for all of you DVR setters out there, this will debut on Good Morning America this morning and I promise as soon as we have video I will update this article, so you all will have time to run to the store to buy more Kleenex.

Children who were present inside the school when gunman Adam Lanza went on his mass shooting spree have recorded a cover of “Over The Rainbow” with proceeds to benefit Newtown Youth Academy, a local nonprofit, and to the United Way of Western Connecticut. The 20 kids, ages six through nine, were invited to Talking Head’s (!!!) Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz‘s Connecticut home, where they recorded the track which will be sold on iTunes. From The New York Daily News:

“It was a great pleasure for us,” Frantz told the Daily News. “It was emotional, absolutely. But the kids were resilient. They loved to sing and they were good at it.”

“I think they might have a hit record,” said the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club drummer, who opened up the home studio he shares with his wife, Weymouth.

The pint-sized vocalists recorded their “Song For Sandy Hook” at the homey studio in Farfield, Conn. with their proud parents looking on. They also played in the yard outside.

The angelic girls wore green ribbons in their hair and pinned to their sweaters to memorialize their slain classmates. They also spent a day at the studio last week.

“I told the kids to treat it like a prayer, so they were very well-behaved,” said Newtown music teacher Sabrina Post, who coached the choir beforehand.

“The result sounds incredibly beautiful,” Post added. “I played it for some musicians I know and they cried immediately.”


What a truly beautiful song choice and what a lovely idea. I can barely stand the idea of these little guys and all they have gone through since December 14th, whether they are ever scared, if they have nightmares, if they think about the awful scene at Sandy Hook that day. It breaks my heart to think of these kids and the children who died. Just reading about these tiny little voices singing such a sweet song makes me weepy. I can’t fathom what it must have been like recording the song with these kids, and how touching it must have been. So for all of you interested, go grab your Kleenex and set your DVR, I’ll be doing the same. You can purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon.

Here is a behind the scenes making of video:

[youtube_iframe id=”pLhsmFHa2vM”]


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