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18 Most Sanctimonious Mommy Memes On The Internet

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mean mom doing loser signI think it’s no secret that I love memes. I am unabashed in my love of all things Internet-y, and memes are number one on that list. My favorite type of meme is the sanctimonious meme. These come in all forms, but today I am going to focus on the sanctimommy meme, because sanctimonious mommies are everywhere and they suck.

1. I’m a mom now, I don’t need friends

sanctimommy meme 1


Who needs friends when you have babies? Funny, I manage to stay friends with people and I have three kids. I must be the worst mom in existence!

2. Bless your heart

sanctimommy meme 2

Bless your child-hating, formula brainwashed little heart!

3. Dead beat moms just LOVE boob jobs!


Silly dead beats, spending all your cash on fake titties! It’s not like this is entirely made up or anything. In all seriousness, if you know someone is flaking on their child support, reporting them will do a lot more good than making a stupid meme.

4. Lazy breastfeeders

sanctimommy meme 5


Because supplementing with formula is totally the same thing as cheating on your spouse.

5. Hypocritical slut single moms

sanctimommy meme 6


That’s what she gets for not staying with that Nice Guyâ„¢ she broke up with because she wasn’t attracted to him. Doesn’t she realize that her vagina is a vending machine where kindness goes in and sex goes out? You can’t just give it away for free!

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