San Diego Tech High Should Consider Making Gorgeous Music Videos Full-Time

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Bubbles In Space

Beyonce may have some snappy music videos to her name, but I’m currently far more impressed with 100 teenagers from San Diego’s Tech High International. The class of 2013 reportedly crafted their own music video to Michael Andrews‘ “Bubbles in Space” with nothing more than colored pencils and a bunch of scanners.

[vimeo video=”45943084″] reports that the teenagers worked from a “pre-planned form” of rough cut footage that they then traced — frame by frame — and colored in accordingly. That’s well over 3,000 frames that were then colored, scanned, and edited to create rosy depictions of children, dolphins, and even Elton John-ish interpretations of Andrews himself. The project is extraordinary, and could easily pass for a professional music video as far as I’m concerned. Partner these kids up with YouTube songstresses Lennon and Maisy for their first official music video, and we’ll have an entire class of talented kids at the Internet music helm.

Watch the making of “Bubbles In Space” here:

[vimeo video=”45943083″]