6-Year-Old Multi-Million Dollar YouTuber Brings His Own Toy Line To Walmart

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If you asked anyone 20 years ago if there was a way for a 6-year-old to become a multimillionaire from the comfort of his own home you would have thought it was insane. Because really in what world does that make any sense? Today’s world, it does — just look at Ryan, the star of the major YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, who has made himself, and his family, millionaires by showing other kids how much fun toys are. And his empire of how-did-you-make-so-much money is just going to grow now that he’s got his own line of toys coming out.

Ryan ToysReview is one of those channels on YouTube that parents either love or hate.

Ryan, and his family, currently ave 6 YouTube channels and kids love them. Statistics say that in total the family has more than 1 BILLION views each month. Most of them are just Ryan playing with toys with various members of his family. The family has done a great job at keeping some sort of idea of privacy, despite him being basically famous.

And now there will be more of him in our lives. He’s now getting his own line of toys — including slime, stuffed animals, and other toys — will be released through Walmart Inc starting next month, according to Reuters. According to children’s media company, the deal which they negotiated with the giant merchandise store, will feature toys and apparel sold under the name Ryan’s World.

Reuters explains, “The Ryan’s World merchandise will be sold exclusively at more than 2,500 Walmart stores in the United States and on the website starting Aug. 6. The products will expand to other retailers in October.”

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The merchandise is being marketed to kids 3 and up and will include designs of Ryan’s favorite things, like Pizza, and some of the cartoon characters we see featured in their various videos. Chances are our kids are all going to ask us to head to Walmart to pick up some of the shirts, slime, and stuffed animals. While many of us have voiced our opinions on the family and how these videos are both amazing at keeping our kids entertained, but at the same time can be very annoying.

Can’t hate the hustle tho… this family made millions while at home.