Ryan Seacrest Made Some Really Creepy Comments to Katy Perry While Cameras Were Rolling

During the height of the #MeToo movement, we witnessed men in positions of power in various industries finally get what was coming to them. It started with Harvey Weinstein, but the movement gained steam quickly. Women finally found the support they needed to come forward with their own stories of sexual abuse and harassment. The fallout was swift and merciless, with men in different industries being fired or forced to resign. But some men, even those with credible accusations against them, managed to walk away unscathed. Ryan Seacrest is one of those men.

Seacrest’s former stylist Suzie Hardy came forward with allegations of abuse and harassment at the hands of the host. There were witnesses, but despite this, NBCUniversal sided with Seacrest and fired Hardy. Now, people are wondering how he managed to get away with it, after some very inappropriate comments he made to Katy Perry during a taping of American Idol.

The awkward and inappropriate comments made by Ryan Seacrest were caught on camera. Apparently, despite working in television, he still doesn’t understand when a show comes back from commercial.

In the clip, Katy Perry clearly says, “We’re on”. Either Seacrest didn’t hear her or didn’t care. He says to her, “Your mom’s pretty.” Ummmmmm, OK? Perry responds, “My mom? Well, I hope the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She then turns to the camera and winks, CLEARLY insinuating that they were rolling live at that point. Seacrest continues to ignore the cues, and responds, “You are too, but you’re not a mom.”

When Katy Perry responds with, “Not yet.”, Ryan Seacrest says, ON CAMERA, “Do you wanna talk about it?” I cannot.

Lionel Richie, one of the judges on the panel this season, started shaking his head and said something along the lines of, “Don’t start.” Katy Perry is obviously shocked by the exchange, and the other judges sort of laughed uncomfortably before moving on with the taping. But viewers caught that disgusting display and had some thoughts.



Some people are saying that the bit, at least in part, was staged. But judging by Katy’s reaction, and the reaction of the other judges, it seems pretty clear that Ryan Seacrest took it much farther than was written (if it was indeed a scripted moment). I wonder how his defenders will sweep this one under the rug?

(Image: Facebook / American Idol)

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