Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Gets Quite The Christmas Present — Welcomes Baby Logan Phineas

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golden heart awards 4 161012Apparently someone was a very good boy this year. Ryan Murphy and his husband David Miller welcomed a baby boy into the world on Christmas Eve. The Glee creator’s new little ray of sunshine is named Logan Phineas Miller Murphy. He was born at 9:47 a.m. and weighed 6.6 pounds.

The television producer’s art recently imitated his life just a tad. This season, he had a new show about a surrogate helping a gay couple have a child. The New Normal got some pushback from conservatives who somehow thought that same-sex families were more detrimental to “family entertainment” than gory crime scenes on CSI or brutal sexual assault on Law & Order.

Murphy’s third show currently on the air is American Horror Story, which won numerous awards in its first season. The producer has obviously had a busy and successful year, which can only be considered more so now that he’ll have a newborn on his hands.

One can only hope that Murphy’s new experiences as a parent will lead to even more innovative and forward-thinking programs I can’t wait to see how he turns staying up all night into a musical number.

While some kids might lament having a birthday on or right around Christmas, I have a feeling little Logan Phineas won’t mind too much. My guess is that this lucky little guy won’t be hurting for presents or special events.