Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes’ Baby Girl Has Arrived, Commence Your Hot Dad Fantasies Now

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RyanEvanCelebrity baby watchers are foaming at the mouth today, after news broke that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ baby girl has graced the earth with her presence. Their daughter, who was born Friday, September 12, must now endure a lifetime of “Hey girl” jokes, but it will surely all be worth it because her parents are freakin’ Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Well done, baby.

Not much is known about their new bundle of adorable-ness, Eva’s pregnancy, or birth. The couple succeeded in keeping the news a secret for over seven months, and when it did break they were rarely seen in public and never commented on it – a rare move in a world of celebrities detailing every craving and cramp to magazines. That hasn’t stopped the endless speculation and excitement surrounding their kid, who is now arguably the most famous baby in Hollywood. Sorry, Blue Ivy!

Most importantly, we can now really dig in to all our Ryan Gosling hot dad fantasies. Ryan Gosling shirtless, changing a giant poop explosion diaper that shot up the baby’s back. Ryan Gosling shirtless, secretly tasting breast milk while heating up a bottle. Ryan Gosling shirtless, trying to zip a writhing baby into a Woombie at three in the morning. Ryan Gosling shirtless, running out to the store to buy Eva more of those giant maxi-pad monstrosities. The possibilities are endless – go on, share yours!

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