Despicable Rush Limbaugh Says Chelsea Clinton Possibly Adopting A Child From Africa Is Just A ‘Fashion Accessory’

rush limbaughWe don’t often discuss Rush Limbaugh‘s ridiculously obvious attempts to cause controversy. It would take too  much time to continually write about all of the offensive things that come out of this man’s mouth. But every once in a while, talk radio’s favorite person to hate says something so vile and offensive that we can’t ignore it. This is one of those times.

The National Enquirer has an unfounded and likely false story claiming that after years of fertility problems, Chelsea Clinton is adopting a child from Africa. According to the notoriously trashy tabloid, Chelsea decided to speed up the process of having a family after watching both of her parents suffer through recent health issues. Rush Limbaugh reported this story, based on the word of a prime bullshit manufacturer, as if it were undeniably true. That, in and of itself, is mildly obnoxious.

But as always, it’s Rush’s commentary that makes things truly offensive. He stated:

”So, Chelsea decided to adopt a child from Africa because of her father’s bad heart and Hillary, her mother, fell down. Nothing to do with the fact that this is the latest fashion accessory for elite liberals particularly of the Hollywood variety.”

And there it is. Adopting children from third-world countries that need homes is a fashion accessory, according to Rush Limbaugh. Children from Africa are just props for elite liberals.

It is so offensive that it’s hard to begin arguing with it. Where do you start chipping away at such hatred? Even more depressing, Limbaugh’s little joke isn’t even all that original. It has become a standard Hollywood punchline, ever since Angelina Jolie began adopting her diverse family.

Personally, I will never understand why people think that this is amusing or even appropriate to crack jokes about. Adoption is an amazing process. It is parents opening up their homes and hearts to children who deserve to have a loving family. And these parents don’t do so to “help the needy.” Amazing adoptive parents feel blessed by the child or children in their lives. Adopting a child from another country is not a charitable endeavor. It’s reciprocal. Both parties benefit.

And really, how vicious do you have to be to claim that a person is bringing a child into their life as a status symbol? How heartless do you have to assume that adoptive parent is to make such a choice out of cold calculation? I realize that Rush has never been one to shy away from making rash judgments about people he doesn’t know, but I’m shocked at how callously he can assume that about Chelsea Clinton.

Adopting a child, no matter where that little one comes from, is such a personal and emotional choice. It’s one that we all should respect and support. This idea that opening your heart to a child from another country is fair game as a political or cultural joke is disturbing. Even Rush Limbaugh should not be allowed to make such slanderous statements without serious repercussions.

(Photo: Carrie Devorah / WENN)

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