Rupert Murdoch And Wendi Deng’s Former Nanny Foolishly Tells All

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nanny wendi dengIn case you thought The Nanny Diaries is soooo 2002, think again. Ying-Shu Hsu, a former staffer for Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng, has revealed the nasty details about her time with the family. And let’s just say it ain’t pretty. Hsu spoke with Gawker about her job as a tutor-turned-inadvertent-childcare-provider for the Murdoch girls, Chloe and Grace, likening her experience to a “war zone.”

If you ask me, Hsu should have kept her mouth shut for one reason only: the children. Because this woman has totally betrayed their trust and privacy with her latest tell-all. Not that I’m suggesting she stay mum on the whole thing but, uh, there’s a way of getting your point across without sharing every juicy detail that will no doubt impact the kids.

For example, Hsu describes Deng as hot-tempered maniac. Sure, she treated the staff like shit, but apparently she’s horrible to Murdoch, too (who, incidentally, Hsu describes as a “gentleman”). “[Wendi] curses Rupert all the time. A lot of F-words. She’s always yelling, crying. Murdoch is the calm type,” she said before going on to tell the story of Christmas Eve 2004, when the couple got into a screaming match over whether or not the family’s trust would be amended to afford Chloe and Grace an equal share.

Hsu is also quick to point out that Murdoch and Weng sleep separately most of the time. Oh, and that Deng chides 10-year-old Grace over her weight. “She tells Grace that she needs to be skinny like a movie star,” Hsu said. “She limits the amount of food she can eat, and tells her that she’s too heavy. She wants Grace to stay skinny like [Chinese actress] Zhang Ziyi — she always tells Grace to be more like her.”

It’s juicy stuff, be to sure, but does she have to get so detailed? I mean, really, stories like that have nothing to do with her as a staff member. By all means, tell the world you were treated like crap –  any certainly stand up for your right – but why get the girls involved? That’s just cheap.

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