Runner Who Gave Birth During Marathon Training And Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Should Get Vasectomy Refund

surprised babyHere’s one for the  “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” files. Out of all the surprise pregnancy stories I’ve heard over the years this next one takes the cake.

Trish Staine, a 33-year-old mother of three and a long distance runner from Duluth, Minnesota, has spent the past few months training for the Garry Bjorjlund half-marathon, which is set to take place on June 22nd.

This past Sunday she complained of some back pain but blew it off as training related and took a hot bath before bed. The next day the pain became more than she could handle and she went to the ER, expecting a ruptured disc, only to be told that the doctors had discovered a fetal heartbeat. Five minutes after Staine was admitted into the ER she gave birth to a six pound six ounce baby girl they named Mira, because they say she is a miracle.

According to Trish, her husband, John, has been a good sport about the whole thing:

“He’s still in shock. Everybody is teasing him.”

Discovering that you are in labor when you didn’t know you were expecting is shocking enough. But John had undergone a vasectomy previously, so the news was doubly surprising. It’s not clear when Mr. Staine had his vasectomy but according to the Canadian Urological Association a vasectomy can have as high as a 9 percent failure rate in the first six months with a nearly one percent rate after that.

I have so many questions! Is Trish still going to run the marathon? Are they stressed about the added cost of a surprise baby? Regardless, I don’t know if I would be as cool about this situation as the Staines seem to be. Even with a whole nine months to prepare it’s not easy to get ready for a newborn. I can’t imagine having one sprung on me out of the blue.

(Photo:  herjua / Shutterstock)

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