California Police Chase Little Girl’s Runaway Unicorn with Infrared and Helicopters

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unicornThe world is full of magic and light, and sometimes that magic gets away from us. That’s why this weekend California State Troopers spent four hours chasing a unicorn.

OK, OK. The world is full of magic and light, but there wasn’t an actual unicorn running down the California highway. They were chasing a white pony that a little girl had dressed up like a unicorn, and that’s almost as magical.


According to Buzzfeed, a 5-year-oold girl named Tatum Boos from Madera Ranchos, California, has a white Shetland pony named Juliet. Tatum’s mother, Sandra, is a photographer and occasionally dresses the pony up as a unicorn for photos with children. Juliet was dressed as a unicorn and taking photos with some children on Wednesday when she broke away from them and took off.

“She went through 13 orchards and five miles,” Boos said in an interview with Buzzfeed. “It was crazy. The sun started going down and it started getting dark.”

Despite their efforts to catch her, the tiny white unicorn pony managed to evade capture. The California Highway Patrol reportedly looked for her with infrared and a helicopter, but they still couldn’t manage to catch her.

“She has to stop running eventually,” I said when I saw the news.

“I don’t think she does,” my husband said. “I think she’s powered by goodness and children’s dreams and she can just keep going forever.”

The story does have a happy ending, though. After leading the police on a four-hour unicorn chase, Juliet was eventually captured. Actually, what happened was that Boos’ friend rode up on her own horse, and Juliet saw that horse and followed it right to her corral.

“Please be advised, the unicorn is in custody,” one of the patrolmen was overheard to report.

(Photo: Brothajahn/iStockPhoto/GettyImages)