18 Royal Tiaras That Make Me Want To Be A Princess

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We love diamonds, but the royal tiaras that feature bright stones are exquisite.

Image: Instagram/@royal_fashion_and_jewels

This is a really special and stunning piece of the royal tiaras collection. It’s not your typical tiara – the large emeralds and symmetric design aren’t seen in many of the pieces worn by modern royals. But it’s very reminiscent of the style of jewelry worn by Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria’s emerald tiara was designed for her by her husband, Prince Albert. It was made by Joseph Kitching, and 19 pear-shaped emeralds, the largest of which weighs a whopping 15 carats. It’s not clear how long the Queen owned the piece or what she did with it, but it was included in an exhibition held at Kensington Palace called “Victoria Revealed”.

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