18 Royal Tiaras That Make Me Want To Be A Princess

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Some royal tiaras eventually end up in the hands of commoners with a whole lot of cash to burn.

Image: Instagram/@royal_fashion_and_jewels

Not all royal tiaras are still in the royal family, but that doesn’t mean we can salivate over them still. The Poltimore tiara was made by Garrard for Lady Poltimore around 1870. It’s very versatile, and can be worn as a tiara, a grand necklace, or broken up into eleven different brooches. Princess Margaret purchased the tiara at auction in 1959, and wore it on her wedding day a year later. When Margaret died in 2002, her children were left with a massive tax bill and in 2006 they sold some of her items at an auction at Christie’s, including the Poltimore tiara. It was purchased by a private buyer for $1.7 million.

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