30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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The royal family must accept the gifts they’re given.

Image: Instagram/@harry_meghan_collective

It’s not uncommon for fans to give members of the royal family gifts as they’re out doing meet-and-greets. You see it all the time – things like flowers, letters, stuffed animals, and the like being handed over to Harry or Meghan or Kate or William. And they always take them! Now we know that they’re bound by royal rules to accept any gift given to them, no matter what it is or how bizarre. Case in point: while Meghan is home recovering and tending to Archie, Harry has been out fulfilling his royal obligations. A group of school children made some congratulations cards for the happy couple, and Harry graciously accepted them. But honestly, he probably really wanted them because they’re adorable.

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