30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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There are even royal rules for walking down a flight of stairs.

Image: Instagram/@epicureans-style

Listen, we can’t have a member of the royal family taking a header down a flight of stairs in front of the media and all the world to see. So there are royal rules for how women in the royal family should descend a flight of stairs! As with most etiquette rules, they require the royal women to be very mindful and graceful in their movements. Men are required to put out a helping hand when their wives are descending stairs at a royal event. The women should keep their chins parallel to the ground, and if there’s a banister, the hand closest should rest lightly on top of it (no death grip). Their toes should be pointed in toward the banister, so they are descending at an angle.

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