30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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The royal rules breakdown how to give the perfect royal handshake.

Image: Instagram/@britishroyalsofficial

The royal family spends a lot of time greeting and mingling with commoners (for lack of a better word). When they’re going to be out and about people line the streets just to get a glimpse, or if they’re lucky, some actual face time with a royal. They also host dignitaries and VIPs at the palace on a regular basis, which means they’re spending plenty of time greeting and being introduced to people. So Meghan have had to learn the royal handshake, according to the royal rules. Direct contact with the person, a firm (but not painful grasp), one or two pumps of the hand (but no more than that!), and of course, a million-watt royal smile.

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