Bizarre Strict Beauty Rules That Women In The Royal Family Must Follow

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So that means they can go wild with their hair, right? LOL, no. The bizarre royal beauty rules strike again!

Hair must be kept neat at all times. It’s rumored that Kate Middleton has a professional blow-out three times a week to keep her hair sleek and polished, and Meghan has been doing the same. Up-dos are fine, as long as they are clean and styled. Even ponytails have to be polished, and don’t even think about letting the hair band show. Buns, twists, and chignons are also acceptable, as long as they’re neat. Meghan once again caused a bit of a furor when she attended royal events with her hair in a disheveled ballet bun. It seems to be taking her a bit longer to acclimate to the bizarre royal beauty rules. Or maybe she just knows what looks good and doesn’t care!

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