Bizarre Strict Beauty Rules That Women In The Royal Family Must Follow

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There are a couple of bizarre royal beauty rules that pertain to jewels. For example, not every royal woman gets to wear a tiara!

bizarre royal beauty rules

Image: Instagram/@katemiddleton_royalstyle

What’s a Queen or a Duchess without a tiara?! Single, apparently. We’re used to seeing Meghan and Kate, and of course Her Royal Highness, decked out in some major head jewels. But they had to earn their right to bling their noggins. And by earn, we mean get married. Only married royal women are permitted to wear tiaras – they’re never worn by single royals, or by children. According to Royal expert Grant Harrold, a tiara is a status symbol, and shows that the woman is spoken for. They also give men a heads up not to hit on the tiara-clad lady. Sort of like a wedding ring for your head.

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