Bizarre Strict Beauty Rules That Women In The Royal Family Must Follow

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One thing the Queen is a stickler about? Shoes.

Image: Instagram/@fanpage_katemiddleton

The one thing we would not be down with when it comes to being a royal is the shoes. Now, we LOVE Kate and Meghan’s shoes. They have the shoe closet of our dreams. But good god, their feet must hurt all the time. The Queen likes heels (low and sensible for herself, natch), but she absolutely loathes wedges. Kate Middleton has worn a pair of Stuart Weitzman that she used to wear pretty frequently, but never in the presence of her grandmother-in-law. According to a royal source, “She really doesn’t like them, and it’s well-known among the women in the family”. So when Kate wears her wedges, she makes sure Gran isn’t around to see them.

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