Bizarre Strict Beauty Rules That Women In The Royal Family Must Follow

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One of the bizarre royal beauty rules requires royal women to wear pantyhose, although this one has relaxed a bit.

Image: Instagram/@cambridges_sussexupdate

The Queen is a big fan of pantyhose. So much so that she hasn’t been caught bare-legged in 91 years! That’s a lot of nylons. Kate Middleton started a bit of a fashion trend a few years back when she stepped out in shiny nude hose. And she typically keeps her legs sheathed in nude or dark pantyhose. Meghan, on the other hand, rarely wears pantyhose. But while it definitely seems to be a personal preference of the Queen, it doesn’t seem to be one of those bizarre royal beauty rules that she’s a stickler for. She loves her traditions, that’s for sure.

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