Clear Your Calendars Because There Is A Legit International Royal Baby Tour Slated To Happen

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Kate Middleton The Queen's Birthday Parade - Buckingham PalaceTalk about hitting the ground running.The original P.O.C. isn’t even here yet but Kate Middleton and Prince William already have an International Royal Baby Tour on the books. As in parading around their newly born to different nations so that we can all catch a glimpse of the royal spawn. Squee! Try not to pee yourself!

After mommy Kate finishes up her maternity leave business, Us Weekly reports that Kate and her Prince are going on “a spring 2014 royal baby tour.” Can you even handle the royal baby fever?!:

“The trip is planned for Australia and New Zealand,” an insider told Us. (Perhaps not coincidentally, the late Princess Diana took a 9-month-old Prince William down under when she traveled to Australia with Prince Charles in 1983.)

For a royal baby tour, I’m envisioning nothing short of that Popemobile over a moses basket with a mass of crazed individuals sucking on pacifiers. Remember the lady who famously appeared on the streets of London during the royal wedding dressed as Kate’s engagement ring?

womanroyalengagement ring


I hope she’s back in full swing dressed in a full on onesie with a P.O.C rattle made of faux gold. Let’s do this up right with a full on Royal Baby parade.

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