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The Royal Baby Has a Royal Name!

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We have a royal baby name! And thank god, the Duke and Duchess didn’t take my advice and name their kid like a Kardashian. Prince William and Kate Middleton have named the wee little lad Louis Arthur Charles. That’s pronounced LOU-EE, not LOU-ISS. Baby Louis! Well, Prince Baby Louis, if we’re getting technical. Prince Louis joins big brother George and big sister Charlotte. But if he thinks he’s going to sneak in front of my girl Charlotte for the throne because he’s cute, he better think again.

The royal baby name came as a bit of a surprise to people who bet on royal baby name’s. Yes, those people exist.

But the name does have plenty of history within the royal family. Louis is one of Prince William’s and Prince George’s middle names. It’s also the first name of Lord Mountbatten, the little lad’s great-great-great uncle who was killed by the IRA in 1979. Prince Charles, Royal Grandpa, has said that Lord Mountbatten was like the grandfather he never had, and had a very strong influence on his upbringing.

Arthur as a middle name is also a nod to family. It’s one of Prince William’s middle names, as well as the middle name of Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI. And Charles, of course, is a pretty obvious choice.

But Louis wasn’t on the short-list of names among royal baby name watchers.

I suppose when you’re naming a possible future King of England, you have a pretty small pool of names from which to choose. King Ryder doesn’t really have the air of sophistication one expects from a royal, you know? Royal baby bookies had Arthur as the front-runner, with James and Philip in second and third.

But listen up, Prince Louis: you’re going to have to compete for the love of the UK (and the world, really) against Prince of Our Hearts  Louis Tomlinson.

When you have an actual 1D’er to show you the ropes, you can’t lose! Welcome to the royal life, Prince Louis!

(Image: Instagram / @kensingtonroyal)