The Royal Baby Is Here And It’s A Girl! Prince George Has A Baby Sister!

Scenes At The Lindo Wing As It's Announced That The Duchess Of Cambridge Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl

It must be a testament to how much I love the royal family that I woke a few minutes ago to a zillion messages that the royal baby was born and it’s a girl! I’m a little ashamed to admit that this makes my weekend but whatever, it does, don’t judge me. Kate Middleton and Prince William are now the proud parents of a lovely baby princess in addition to their sweet little boy, Prince George.

According to People, Duchess Kate gave birth to her daughter at 8:34 am, London time. She weighed 8lbs, 3oz and mother and baby are well. Prince William brought the Duchess to the hospital in the dawn hours and it sounds like the labor went quickly and was natural, as was their plan. The same medical team that delivered Prince George was on hand to deliver his new sister and this is where I learned that the royal family has a family gynecologist. That’s kind of amazing, right?

It is expected that family from both sides will visit the new little one today and at some point, the official easel with all the details will be posted outside the Lindo Wing where Kate gave birth, just as happened with Prince George almost two years ago.

The news of the little girl’s name won’t be announced right away. As I recall with Prince George, they didn’t announce it until William and Kate left the hospital. I’ve heard that Valerie is actually in the running (SQUEEE) because that is Kate’s grandmother’s name. You all know I would positively die but I doubt it will happen. My bets are on Alice or Diana. I will update this post with the name if it’s released today.

As a mother who went through “two under two”, I wish them all the best of luck! Obviously, they have plenty of help but it’s still difficult to have a new baby around with another small child to take care of who doesn’t totally understand what’s going on. I doubt Duchess Kate will have to lock herself, the baby and the toddler into a bedroom to nurse so the toddler doesn’t raise hell the way that I did, but it will still be it’s own brand of challenging. Congratulations, William and Kate! We can’t wait to see the little princess!

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