Supreme Court Orders Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis To Give Out Marriage Licenses, Davis Says ‘Nuh-Uh’

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immigrationRowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has the cushiest job in the damn world. For months now she’s just been sitting in her office not issuing marriage licenses to people. She’s getting a paycheck for issuing marriage licenses to people, but she’s been refusing to do it on the grounds that she thinks God is opposed to same-sex marriage, despite the fact that same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S. and part of her job is issuing marriage licences.

Davis has been refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all since same-sex marriage was officially legalized in all 50 U.S. states two months ago. Having lost several cases and been ordered by several judges to come out of her office and start doing her damn job already, Davis took her one-woman bigotry show all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. She insisted that being asked to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples violated her religious freedoms, but the Supreme Court refused to even hear her case and sent her back to Kentucky to do her job as an elected official.

Yeah, right. This morning Davis showed up at work ready to tell everybody who would listen that she was still refusing to give out marriage licenses. According to CBS, several people showed up at the Rowan County Clerk’s office this morning to see what Davis was going to do. Two couples asked for marriage licenses, and were turned away by Davis, who said she was acting, “under God’s authority.”

“Tell her to come out and face the people she’s discriminating against,” said David Ermold, whose request for a marriage license Davis has refused four times so far. “We’re not leaving until we have a license.”

“Then you’re going to have a long day,” Davis said. If God’s her employer, I fully expect Him to come to her in a vision and say, “Davis, what the Hell have you been doing all day? Do not lie to Me, I know you’ve been playing Freecell and Googling yourself for 8 hours.”

The office was reportedly full of activists on both sides. Davis’ supporters shouted, “Praise the Lord!” when she announced that she was going to continue to refuse to actually do her job. Others called her a bigot and told her to do her damn job already.

Now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear Davis’ case, she has no further legal recourse. As an elected official she cannot be fired, as you or I would be if we were refusing to do our jobs, but now that she’s defying official court orders she could be held in contempt and face serious fines and possibly jail time, because her asinine struggle has gotten infuriating, and Ermold and his partner have been waiting 17 years for their marriage license. If Davis can’t bring herself to issue it, she should just act like a grown-up and resign her position.

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