Holy PR Mommy: Rosie Pope Induces On Mother’s Day & Live-Tweets Delivery

In case you weren’t aware, Rosie Pope‘s Bravo reality show Pregnant In Heels will be returning for its second season tomorrow night! So it’s such a public relations masterstroke insane coincidence that the pregnancy guru gave birth to her third child on Mother’s Day. Well, I guess you could call it a coincidence, except for the fact that she had a scheduled induction.

Here at Mommyish, we’ve been chronicling the ways in which celebrities use mommyhood for PR and image rebranding for a while now. From Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian‘s ridiculous number of weekly tabloid covers to the ever-popular nude pregnancy photo shoot, the whole world has noticed that Hollywood ladies are profiting from their pregnancies. And now, Pope has taken things just a step further.

Just in case there was any doubt that the reality star was trying to stir up publicity as she live-tweeted her daughter’s birth, Pope and her husband continued to add her show’s hashtag “#PregInHeels” to every tweet. She let her fans know when her water broke, how dilated she was and much pain she was in. Don’t worry guys, she got the epidural. And maybe they were contractually obligated to do so, but Pope and her husband also mentioned their network in almost every update.

Now, I’m not saying that Pope planned her pregnancy to coincide with the beginning of her second season. As a woman who suffered with infertility and has been open about her journey with IVF, I don’t think Pope is blase about picking a time you want to get pregnant and expecting it to happen immediately. And Pope’s honesty about her struggles was one of the few endearing things I found in her program.

But that doesn’t change the fact that her labor turned in to one big publicity campaign. A timely, well-executed campaign to be sure, but it was still birth-as-a-career-move. I’m not quite sure how any other celeb can top giving birth to your child two days before the season premiere of your show about pregnancy.

How about you take a scroll through Rosie’s tweets and let me know what you think about the newest lesson in publicity courtesy of one ambitious mama.[ITPGallery]

(Photo: HuffPost Parents)

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