Rosario Dawson Is The Latest Celebrity Who Will Give Up Her Career To Have Kids

Rosario DawsonWell here’s one celebrity we won’t here giving scores of interviews about having her infants on the set of her latest movie. No “work life balance” talk for Rosario Dawson. In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she won’t continue working after she has children.

Dawson, who is currently dating director and Olympics Opening Ceremony mastermind Danny Boyle, isn’t expecting a little one at the moment. So you better hope she squeezes in a few more movies soon. Sin City 2, maybe? As reported in Australia’s Sky News, the lovely lady said on becoming a mother, “I won’t be able to act anymore. I’ll just be focused on trying to make the world a better place for my baby.”

Dawson isn’t the first celebrity to talk about giving up their career when it comes time to have children. And surprisingly enough, it’s not just females. Elton John has recently said that he’ll give up touring and performing while his son is young because he doesn’t want to “miss part of his childhood.” Adele talked about taking five years or so off work to start a family, an hasn’t changed her tune since announcing that she’s due in September. Even swoon-worthy Ryan Gosling has stated that he doesn’t think he’ll want to make movies once he has children.

Dawson’s statement is just a little different, in that it seems like she’ll move her activities in a different direction. “Making the world a better place,” sounds like a rather big goal. I’m sure that will keep her and her little one busy. But it is interesting to see the wave of celebrities who don’t want to continued working at a break-neck pace after they start a family.

Obviously, stars who make millions earlier in their lives are better equipped to stop work all together once they settle down and have a family. Without making millions in your 20s, most 30-year-olds wouldn’t be able to just exit the labor force and concentrate all their energy on their children (without a supportive partner with a great job). But, I guess if it’s something you can do, it sounds really wonderful.

I’ll be interested to see just how Dawson looks to make the world better for her little one and what types of organizations she gets involved with. But I will miss her movies.

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