Rookie Moms Has Costume Ideas For ‘Chubby, Bald, Dark-Skinned Baby,’ Gets Righteously Called Out

Halloween unfortunately is the time of year marked not only by candy debates and sexualizing costumes, but also capital “R” Racist costumes. One can’t even pick up a simple 6T pirate costume without walking into an array of “Mexican” or ambiguously “Asian” Halloween costumes. Caricaturing an entire race of people as a “costume” is problematic enough, but so is crowdsourcing costume ideas by race, which Rookie Moms claims that they did not do today on Twitter. An uproar soon followed.

Rookie Moms, which is backed by Whitney Moss and Heather Flett, tweeted the following call for costume suggestions:

rookiemomsMikki Kendall, who notably started the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen dialogue, called out the following language as deeply problematic:

costumeideasRookie Moms first responded to criticisms by claiming that the roundup is just for costume ideas, guys:


Then they said that they just wanted a diverse representation of babies for the roundup:

costumeideas4Then they say that they need a “chubby” baby for a magic 8 ball costume:

costumeideas5Then, following more online criticism, Rookie Moms said indexing costumes by race was so not what they were doing:

costumeideas8Yet, their initial tweet certainly suggests otherwise. Other Twitter bystanders, nearly uniformly critical, suggested the following:costumeideas2Our resident troll and associate editor Eve Vawter also had some burning questions:


But it’s worth noting that Rookie Moms behaved exactly as Mikki predicted they would:


Apology ahead indeed. Whitney tweeted out an apology to ONE person from her personal account after being told why the tweet was so offensive:

costumeideas7But so far, no official apology from the official Rookie Moms Twitter account. In fact, the ladies left it at exactly this after more angry tweets flooded the account:


Way to disengage.

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