Rolling Stone Ron Wood Gave His Former Wife The Best Push Present Ever: Cocaine!

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tumblr_lser2mF23c1qhu9odo1_500I love stories about old rock stars and how incredibly lurid and scandalous they were back in the day. Everything we hear about today is so boring and tepid and who cares about someone giving his wife a diamond ring push present after she expelled his spawn out of her lady garden when we can instead hear about the Daddy-behaviour of a rock and roll legend? There is this incredible article featured today all about the rock star marriage of Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones and Jo Wood, and their rampant drug use and bad behaviour. Freebasing! Affairs! Push presents of drugs!  According to the always amazing Daily Mail:

The second day in hospital after Ty’s birth, I was sitting up feeding him when Ronnie rocked up.

‘Hey, baby,’ he said, ‘I’ve bought you something.’

Oh, my honey, I thought. Could it be flowers? Jewellery? Instead Ronnie handed me a packet of white powder. ‘A little something to help you get back on track.’ It was cocaine.

And another amazing anecdote about Ronnie and how he asked for a loan to pay for his kid’s school tuition:

Ronnie had no concept of money. Bill Wyman recently told me about the time Ronnie went to the guys in the band to ask for a loan, as we couldn’t pay the children’s school fees. After pocketing the cash he went straight out and bought himself a Rolex.

I can totally sympathize because there have been many times when I’m writing yet another check for a school fundraiser or class fees when I would much rather buy myself a new sofa or something. Rock stars! They are just like us! Of course, all of this has to be taken with a wink of skepticism and a heavy grain of salt because it all is from Jo’s side of the marriage, published in a new book she has out at the end of May entitled Hey Jo which I will totally be reading. On December 21st, Wood married Sally Humphreys, who is 31 years younger than he is, and the newly wed couple have expressed a desire to have children. His marriage to Jo lasted 24 years. The 65-year-old rock star and painter has been to treatment for alcoholism and drug use seven times.

This all makes my life seem amazingly boring and mumsy. I think I’m going to do something insane and feed my kids pancakes for dinner while playing Let It Bleed.

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