Rob Zombie Should Make All Commercials Targeted To Mothers

[youtube=] Everyone is talking about how this new Rob Zombie-directed commercial for Woolite is “creepy” and “terrifying.” Is it? I think it’s just awesome and makes me not only want to go out and buy myself a big jug of Woolite but also use it while whispering “save them” slowly over my laundry machine.

Zombie is a musician/film director/screenwriter and this is his first-ever TV commercial. He directed the 30-second ad for the laundry detergent in Vancouver this past April.

“It’s a very bizarre TV commercial for a product like this,” said Zombie. “Honestly, I was shocked when they called me to do it.”

I love the commercial and I love that he managed to make an honest-to-goodness “buy this product” commercial without in any way selling out. I mean, associating your product with rudimentary torture devices is rarely a marketing strategy. But it just works here, right?

It’s all part of a focus-grouped strategy relating to how people think of their laundry machines as clothes torturers. Makes sense to me. There’s a less-horror-ish video for the boob tube and this one for the series of tubes that is the internet. Maybe I’m just particularly attuned to this ad after ruining my favorite Barney’s dress in the wash last week. I still don’t understand what happened, since I’d washed it countless times before.

Anyway, this ad campaign is good because it’s also just savvy to target the goth and erstwhile goth demo. Sometimes I wonder if I even would have spent high school wearing all black if I’d simply known how to get my whites whiter and my brights brighter.

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