Rita Hayworth’s Daughter Buries Both A Mother And A Son

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Andrew Embiricos, Rita Hayworth GrandsonThe grandson of one of cinema’s most legendary actresses was found dead in his New York City apartment which police are ruling as a suicide. Andrew Embiricos, only 25 years old, was discovered by his friend Aaron Edwards.

Andrew is the child of Rita Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, 61,  who also lives in New York City.

The young man was discovered face down in his bed with a plastic bag over his head.  The Village Voice reports that Andrew was HIV-positive and had battled multiple drug addictions through various rehab stints. They also say that the “strikingly handsome, personable guy” had attempted suicide in the past but that his Facebook statuses had been steadily cheerful.

The princess reportedly rushed to her son’s apartment upon hearing the news of his suicide. No crime is currently suspected and young Andrew did not leave a note.

Like her late grandson, Rita also suffered from substance abuse problems, specifically acoholism.

Princess Yasmin Khan, Andrew’s mother, cared for Rita during her final days of Alzheimer’s disease in her apartment on Central Park West until her death in 1987.

To bury both a son and mother in one lifetime seems unbearabley cruel, especially for a family plagued by addiction.