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Every Single Teacher’s Wish on Crowd-Funding Site Has Been Fulfilled

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Well this just warms my cold, black heart! Crowd-funding site Ripple announced that it would be donating $29 million in cryptocurrency to DonorsChoose.org. Donors Choose is a donation platform that connects donors to classroom needs around the country. The donation from Ripple means that EVERY SINGLE WISH on the platform has been fulfilled. Every one! 35,647 requests from 28,210 teachers at 16,651 public schools around the country. That is a lot of paper and dry-erase markers.

This incredible act of generosity is part of the platform’s #BestSchoolDay project. You may remember a couple of years ago, when Stephen Colbert funded the wishes for every teacher in South Carolina. Well, Stephen, Ripple just threw the ball back in your court!

Donors Choose founder Charles Best told CNN, “It’s fair to say there’s never been a day that this many classroom dreams have come true.” I’ll say! What an absolutely inspiring act of kindness. Ripple’s SVP of Marketing Monica Long said in a statement, “At Ripple, we care about giving back to our community and we collectively value the importance of quality education in developing the next generation of leaders. DonorsChoose.org’s track record speaks for itself — they are highly effective at improving the quality of education and the experience of teachers and students across America. We’re proud to work with them to support classroom needs across the country.”

Honestly, just scrolling through the #BestSchoolDay hashtag is making me cry! Can you even imagine getting word that something you want SO BADLY for your students is going to come to fruition? These teachers deserve this and so much more.

It says a lot about the current state of affairs that teachers need to rely on crowd-funding to educate their students and meet their needs. BUT, it also says a lot about the goodness of people that Donor’s Choose has been so successful at making these wishes come true. Excellent job, Ripple!

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