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Ring Camera Sees Package Thief Arrested Moments After Swiping Box

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Ring Camera Package Thief

We love when justice is swift. You may have heard that Ring cameras are susceptible to getting hacked by racist pigs or creepy lunatics, but it appears that *some* Ring cameras are still doing what they were manufactured for — protecting homes.

A 53-second video posted to YouTube shows a woman wearing a baseball cap walk up to a porch while her accomplice keeps walking. She proceeds to take a padded envelope and try to exit the property before two cops pull up and arrest the woman on the spot. Justice can happen in under a minute? Who knew!


Ring cameras have been the source of controversy for a few months after a string of hackings where in-home devices were taken over by the wrong people. In one story that made headlines, a black couple was inundated with racial slurs. In another, an 8-year-old girl was encouraged to do reckless behavior by a hacker claiming to be Santa Claus. In both cases, Ring claimed that the owners of the Ring camcorders had not set up their networks to be secure enough and didn’t use two-step authentication, as the company recommends.

The issue of ‘Porch Pirates’ or package stealers has been on the rise recently. In December of 2019, it was reported by The New York Times that 9,000 packages were stolen per day from New York City residents. While Amazon has launched initiatives to prevent boxes from getting swiped after delivery, and there have been contraptions invented to avoid this phenomenon, unfortunately people being selfish jerks is nothing new. Hopefully, some wannabe porch pirates take less than a minute out of their days to watch this video and get scared straight.

Just because you haven’t been caught yet doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. And hopefully, when you do, we get to watch it on YouTube.