Rihanna’s Mom Is Not At All Happy About Her Daughter’s Nude Instagram Habit

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Rihanna parenthoodIf you were getting a little tired of seeing Rihanna‘s naked body all over the internet every single day, and even more tired of all the headlines pretending like it was some huge flipping deal, then you might want to send a silent thanks to Rihanna’s mother. This lovely woman might have done us all a favor and convinced her daughter to chill out with the Instagram ass pics.

After the latest couple “risque” shots from the “I want so very badly to be risque” pop star, it sounds like RiRi’s mom stepped in and put her foot down with the singer. Rihanna told Elle:

 I’m not afraid of any person in this world, but my mother, I’m terrified of her. She called me two days ago and reeled me in about two naked pictures Melissa put up on Instagram – a sneak peek from a photo book she’s making about me. She went crazy on me. I was, like, embarrassed. I felt like I got my a** whipped in front of my class at school.nbsp;She humbled the f*** out of me.

Listen, I don’t want to make Rihanna feel embarrassed about her body. It’s a beautiful thing. And I think women have every right to wear as much or as little clothing as they like at any given time.

That being said, Rihanna’s constant, “Look at me, I’m nekkid!” shtick doesn’t particularly feel like a celebration of a woman’s body, just like her numerous pictures out at strip clubs getting lap dances didn’t particularly feel like an acknowledgement that women should be able to use their sexuality in whatever means makes them happy, including profiting off of it. All of Rihanna’s questionable Instagram account, from the drug references to the super thinly veiled appearances of her controversial sometimes-boyfriend Chris Brown, feels like a desperate attempt to be edgy.

Rihanna just really, really wants you to know that she isn’t some kiddie role model. And believe me Rihanna, we get it! Parents do not want their teen daughters looking up to you. We all agree there.

But back to those naked pictures. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing less of them. And that would be super fun. So thank you, Rihanna’s mom.