Rihanna Fans Just Realized Why Her Beauty Line Is Called ‘Fenty Beauty’

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Someone come revoke this person’s fan card, please.


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Rihanna is fierce enough to only need one name. However, she does have a last name, guys.

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Luckily, real fans have stepped up to roast all of those who didn’t know Rihanna’s full name. Because REAL FANS know this shit.

That’s Madam President Fenty to you.

Please send your stan cards c/o Robyn Fenty, thanks.

Rihanna joins the exclusive club of mega-stars who go by one name, and rightly so. A star of her caliber doesn’t need a full name. But if you’re a real fan, you have to know her full story. For instance, I was obsessed with Madonna for a good long while, so I know her full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. If you’re gonna stan, do your research! I wonder how many “fans” know their favs full name? Spoiler alert: Pink‘s parents didn’t name her that.

(It’s Alecia Moore, FYI.)

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