Fancy Fashion Designer Makes The Perfect Clothes For Potty-Training Grown Men

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Fashion is a curious business. Last night American designer Rick Owens held his menswear show in Paris, and he sent his models down the runway in clothes any exhibitionist toddler would love, complete with handy penis windows.


This particular photo just gives a glimpse of what the show had in store for the celebrities, editors, buyers, and fashion world luminaries in attendance, but if you want to see a bunch of models’ penises, you can go ahead and check out the full show coverage at The Huffington Post. (This link is not safe for work. Or small children. There are naked penises and testicles all over it. Seriously, I do not know any clearer way to describe how not safe for work this link is. It is full of full-frontal male nudity. Click it at your own risk.)

When I saw these photos, I was conflicted. As a woman, I giggled. As a fashion writer, I was impressed by the boldness and the silhouette and the fabric. As a mother, though, I thought, “Man, those would be great clothes for potty training.”

For several years I lived in Beijing, where elimination communication is a standard means of potty training and small children run around diaperless in pants split along the crotch so they can just squat and go whenever the need strikes. Those potty training outfits look exactly like this.

If you’re in the depths of potty training right now, take comfort in the fact that your child will eventually figure it out. And if he doesn’t, at least he’ll have something to wear.

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