Husband Flips His Lid Over Wife Being Chatted Up By ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Alum Richard Gere

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Richard Gere So what exactly do you do if a handsome leading celebrity man spots your gorgeous wife in an East Hampton restaurant and starts chatting her up? There are options a plenty. You could kindly ask the gentleman to refrain from poaching your spouse, maybe even suggest that you two take this outside. Or, you can be like the one husband at Nick & Toni’s diner who told Richard Gere, “Get the fuck out of here.” The direct approach is often best!

New York Post reports that Gere, named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1999, was dining with “a group of his agents” after collecting a lifetime achievement award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. And nothing like a pretty woman to top off a good night’s ego. That’s apparently when Gere noticed the blonde and a romantic comedy ensued:

Gere was spotted with a group of his agents at tony Nick & Toni’s after picking up a lifetime achievement award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. But during dinner, a blonde at another table — where three couples were sharing a meal — seemed to catch his eye.

“He kept staring at this woman,” an eyewitness says, to the point where “her husband seemed agitated by it.” But Gere, who’s married to actress Carey Lowell, didn’t stop there — he got up and approached the strangers, spies say, to zero in on the blond beauty.

“He approached the other table,” our witness says. “He didn’t acknowledge anyone around her. He was leaning in and trying to talk to her, leaning into her ear.”

The woman, our spy says, “was looking at [Gere] like, ‘What are you doing here?’ ” When her hubby had enough, “He said, ‘Hey, listen. Get the [bleep] out of here,’ ” according to our source.

Gere proved himself to be persistent, however. Are the “Sexiest Men Alive” clan derailed by little things like husbands and matrimony? Apparently not:

 “He didn’t leave,” the spy says. “He just tilted his head to lean in. He bent back down to her. He didn’t give a [bleep]. It was a bad situation.”

Before things got more heated, Gere headed out, and the hubby headed outside to see that he was gone. The rest of Gere’s group stayed for another half-hour, but, “There was tension in the room.” After he left, the woman who caught his eye “was trying to make [her husband] calm down,” the spy said. “It ruined their night.”

Gere’s publicist has a different sequence of events in the way that many  in that profession do. Something about stopping to “say hi to the people at that table” and that he “joked” with them. If picking up married women is Gere’s idea of joking around, one hubby definitely wasn’t laughing. “Sexiest Man Alive” or not, one spouse clearly wasn’t about to have any sexy leading man business happening during his date night. Imagine that car ride home. Imagine the stories! Some husband is forever going to milk the tale of telling Richard Gere to back off his wife!

No doubt she’ll be hearing that one for the next 30 years.

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