Utter Douchebags Have The Gall To Post ‘Support The Boys’ Posters Outside The Home Of Rehtaeh Parsons’s Mother

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supportheboysLeah Parsons lost her 17-year-old daughter Rehtaeh Parsons nearly two weeks ago after a seemingly sloppy investigation yielded no charges against her daughter’s alleged rapists. And now, to make matters even worse for the grieving family, some residents of their Cole Harbour neighborhood are posting “Support The Boys” posters right outside their home. These cretins could at least have the decency to post this rape apologist “think of the poor boys” crap away from the victim’s house.

Global News reports that Leah Parsons, who has been admirably outspoken about what her daughter endured, is calling this bullshit “harassment.” As well she should:

“It just felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. How dare they do that?” Leah Parsons told Global News.

“My daughter is gone because of them and they have the nerve to show up on my street and my community where my children live and keep harassing us. That’s harassment.”

The posters are reportedly printed on festive neon colors, encouraging the community to “listen before you judge,” “stay strong,” and of course, the deeply troublesome “support the boys.” Because the four young men who sexually assaulted this young girl and then happily passed around photographic proof for the entire school to behold are the true victims in this ordeal.

Leah maintains that now these alleged rapists, as well as those supporting them, are now claiming that Rehtaeh was lying about her rape. What a novel move.

This woman recently had to take her eldest child off of life support. And yet she can’t even leave her home without being reminded to “support the boys.”