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My Daughter Received Five Re-Gifted Rainbow Looms For Her Birthday

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81773891I have a six sense for two things: Where the nearest McDonald’s is, which isn’t that hard because they are everywhere. I also have a sixth sense for sloppy second birthday presents, or what we in motherland when it comes to birthday parties, call re-gifters! Listen, I know, we’ve all been there. On occasion, when I totally forget my daughter has a birthday party in…AN HOUR…I will make her go through her toy closet and find a gift she hasn’t opened (most likely from her last birthday party) and will re-gift it. I pray to god each time, “Dear God, please don’t let this gift be from the actual person who gave it to us!” At least I TRY to make it look like it’s NOT a re-gift. I will put it in a nice bag, make sure the gift is still perfectly in tact, including the box, and add some tissue paper.


Last week, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday party at my house (Never again…that’s another story!) Out of twenty gifts, she received FIVE Rainbow Looms. I could tell that NONE of them were new, or bought from a store just for my daughter’s birthday party, because usually gifts like that DO come with a gift receipt…unless, of course, you are re-gifting. My daughter has had a Rainbow Loom already for months. Same with almost all the girls her age. In fact, I wrote a story for Canada’s National Newsmagazine, Maclean’s, more than a month ago, about the huge trend in Rainbow Looms and how addictive they are (Also called ‘the best babysitter in the world!’) Apparently, none of the parents in my kids class had read the story, because OF COURSE I wrote about it, after seeing how much my daughter loved this artsy-toy.

I felt awful when my daughter was invited to a birthday party about a month ago. It was a sleepover party. Only five girls were invited. Four out of the five gifts were Rainbow Looms (One from yours truly. It was BRAND NEW!) When a craft set takes off so quickly, I think, one can assume that the birthday girl already owns one. As for my sixth sense, I can totally tell if a gift has been re-gifted. I’m sure many mothers can too. There’s just something about the box that is a little too banged up to be a brand NEW gift, and sometimes you can tell that the gift has even been open and then put back into the box. “I don’t feel like I got that many birthday presents this year,” my daughter said. “That’s because 1/4th of your gifts were THE SAME GIFT!” I told my daughter. I can also tell when a gift is a re-gift because it doesn’t come with a gift receipt, the most basic thing that SHOWS, or PROVES, that the gift has just been bought within the last week, or last couple hours. None of the Rainbow Loom sets came with gift receipts!

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