Turning Your Refrigerator Into a Pizza Roll Dispenser is the Life Hack All Cool Moms Need to Know


If you have kids at home and want to impress the hell out of them, this DIY “life hack” that makes a standard refrigerator dispense pizza rolls instead of ice cubes will earn you Cool Mom points forever.

YouTube genius Chase Laub discovered that a standard ice dispenser in the door of a refrigerator could be “hacked” into a pizza roll dispenser instead. It looks like all you have to do is turn off the ice maker, then fill the ice storage container with frozen pizza rolls instead. Laub puts a plate under the ice dispenser, pushes the lever, and a bunch of pizza rolls fall out.

“Well I’ll be damned,” one aghast, impressed YouTube commenter declared.

This is a pretty great idea, and there’s no reason it should be limited to pizza rolls. There are lots of frozen foods that one might want dispensed this way. Frozen Snickers bars are pretty good … what if you filled your ice dispenser with mini Snickers? Then you ┬ájust push the button, and frozen ones fall out.

The possibilities are endless.

For people whose ice makers get a lot of use, this probably wouldn’t be the best idea. But there are a lot of people who don’t like ice in their beverages–I don’t know, maybe they’re European or something–and for those people, the ice dispenser does not get a lot of work. But everyone likes making it rain pizza rolls or mini Snickers. At the very least, this is a party trick that would impress the heck out of the kids.

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