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Reese Witherspoon’s Son Is Not Impressed With His Hard-to-Spell Name

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(Giphy / Legally Blonde)

Learning to spell one’s name is a big milestone for any kid, but when that milestone occurs does depend a lot on what name one was given. It doesn’t matter how smart little Hermione is, she’s never going to master signing her own papers before Sam or Max. Reese Witherspoon discovered that to adorable effect this week when her preschool-aged son flashed her an unimpressed look and his latest attempt to spell his own name: Tennessee.

I love this kid.



“When your name is Tennessee, it’s a bit tricky to learn to spell it! #PreSchoolProblems” Witherspoon wrote alongside the adorable photo on Instagram.

Tennessee is a very difficult name to spell! It’s long, and it also has three double letters, and double letters confuse the heck out of kids who are just learning to spell. What adult doesn’t have trouble remembering where to put all the letters in Mississippi? Tennessee made a very good attempt, though. The first letter is kind of a T, the second is definitely something like an E, and the third is a very good N. Unfortunately, that’s where he ran out of room, because long names aren’t just harder to spell, they’re also harder to fit on the paper.

Tennessee is the cutest, and he might not have learned to write his own name yet, but he has definitely mastered the art of side-eye. With a little perseverance he’ll get the name worked out soon, and then he’ll be unstoppable.