Hey Look, Reese Witherspoon Understands Inequality

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Reese WitherspoonBefore Reese Witherspoon was caught drunkenly sassing a police officer, she was doing the press promotion for her film Mud. While I don’t have the slightest empathy for anyone who has the self importance to drive under the influence, Reese’s certain attention to systems of inequality make me think we can perhaps start liking her again. Maybe.

Granted, when you’re pulled over for being sloshed at the wheel, your publicist isn’t exactly an arm’s reach away to give you those pearly talking points. But even if Reese did just memorize these stats from a cheat sheet that her team made her memorize, I’m pleased she at least bothered to offer part of her privileged diva brain to such an issue. Conducted before her run-in with the law, an interview in the magazine Red reveals that Reese has been properly schooled by somebody:

When I ask if she’s a feminist, she doesn’t miss a beat: ‘Absolutely, of course.’

And then reels off stats without pausing for breath. ‘Even now, in America, a woman makes 87 cents to every dollar a man makes. If you’re a black woman, you make 75 cents. You’re a Latin woman, it’s 67 cents. And this is doing the same job. There is enormous inequality in pay and inequality in the workplace to this day.’

And with that, you get a cookie! And your publicist, who perhaps stood over you with a ruler, should get a raise!

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