Reese Witherspoon Is In Skinny Jeans 3 Weeks Postpartum & Apparently You Should Care

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reese witherspoon babyReese Witherspoon welcomed her son Tennessee James Toth just three weeks ago and the mother of three is strolling around in tight pants. It’s apparently headline worthy and apparently you should care. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

The ever woman-respecting Daily Mail reports that Reese appears to have “bounced back into shape” since her son was born in late September. She was seen on a “low-key outing” with her talent agent husband Jim Toth. Her awesomely skinny “I swear I didn’t actually have a baby” ensemble is described as, “a pair of skinny jeans, a black jumper and over-sized handbag.”

Much like Vanessa Lachey, who was also championed for looking surprisingly hot after birthing, Reese just looks like a woman running some errands. Whether a black tee and some jeans is MILF-y territory is debatable, I guess. But all this “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” neck-craning stems from the shell-shocking concept that a woman can still be gorgeous –or rather conventionally gorgeous — following the birth of a child. It’s an innately degrading idea from the jump and one that should have self-respecting ladies flipping a very pronounced (and perhaps metaphoric) middle finger on a daily basis.

Therefore, actresses who have made a living off of — usually — being desirable are a perfect target. The fact that anyone still envisions them as bangable after reproducing is so earth-shattering that we’re treated to news across multiple outlets notifying us. And to that, I’m letting my middle finger do the talking. Metaphorically.

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