Parents Of Sons Announce They Are Expecting Another Boy And Mom Looks Kinda Unhappy

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I love this birth announcement so much. This could have easily been my story with my last pregnancy because I had three boys already (two biological, one bonus) and I badly wanted a daughter to sort of even out the raging testosterone in my house, and I knew a daughter would watch football with me. Daddy-to-be Tinmanfrisbe took to Reddit to announce the happy news online with him and his boys dressed in superhero garb and his wife looking a little weepy at the news she is pregnant with another son.

When I was pregnant the last time my own mother badly wanted me to have a girl, she raised three daughters and she wanted me to know what having a daughter was like, and when I found out via ultrasound that I was indeed carrying a girl I called my mom and told her “Oh well, all I care about is that my baby is healthy, but I am having a boy.” My mom would probably deny this, but she sounded SO DISAPPOINTED on the phone. Like she seriously had a very difficult time hiding her extreme disappointment. There was a whole mess of sighing going on. Because I’m a smart ass, the next day I sent her a dozen yellow roses and the card read “JK Mom, it’s totally a girl” and she called me and was super thrilled that I had punk’d her. BUT COME ON GRADMA, she should have been happy if I told her I was pregnant with a baby goat. Sheesh. Yeah, I wanted to include a girl in my family but had my daughter been a son I would have been fine with that.

I think most parents sort of dream of having kids of both sexes, don’t they? I mean, you are happy with what you get but when you plan on having more than one kid it’s sort of rare to have people exclaim they only want kids of a certain sex. I love all of my kids equally (actually, we are fond of telling them that we love each of them the most, depending on who we are talking to, as in “You are my very favorite kid who is in the room right now”) but there is something pretty awesome about having a girl. It’s not that it’s better than having sons for me, but when it comes time to give our dog a bright blue manicure, my daughter is totally by my side.

Big congrats to these parents to be and we all hope you post pictures of your new little guy when he is born!

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