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This Reddit Video Confession From A Dad Of Three Is Tragically Hilarious

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I love so many things about this video. It’s so overdramatic and heartfelt. From Gotta Kid To Feed productions, who takes real Reddit confessions and has actors reenact them on video.
[youtube_iframe id=”jtSYwwTeMo8″]

I love how sincere he is: I care about them very much.. but if I could go back in time before I had kids..

Plus, I love his super cool HOUSE T-shirt, gotta get me one of those.

I’m sure the original dad who posted this to Reddit was just venting and complaining about his life, but when you see it reenacted on video it just makes it hilarious. What a crybaby! Sorry you hate so many things ‘bro but you should have thought about that before you shoved your P in the V three times!

I bet if someone filmed some of my more heartfelt parenting confessions it would be about the same, Wah wah I have laundry to do wah wah the cat puked again wah wah I wish I could do cocaine but it’s illegal wah wah its another snow day wah wah cupcakes.

Yeah yeah we all have bad days and being a parent can be terribly frustrating at times but this all makes us sound like a bunch of whiners. Sheesh. People parent all over the world and they do it with a lot less than any of us do.

Parents. We’re the worst aren’t we?

(Image: You Tube, h/t: The Stir)