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This Reddit Picture Is Way Better Than The Ones My Kids Bring Home On Picture Day

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I have never purchased a school portrait. I will probably feel terrible about this when my kids are older, but not only do I find these pictures expensive, I hate the way they make my children look. They are always filtered, set against some stupid looking background, and my kids never quite look like they do off-camera , like they have been replaced by some weird Stepford school children version of themselves. Glassy-eyes, forced smiles and weird poses. Reddit user Chris Blue Monkey received probably the best school photo of his daughter ever, and if I got something back like this, I’d buy it in every size they make.


It’s just perfect. I hope she came up with the pose on her own. I would rather have some photo of my kid being a weirdo than some awful stiff-posed picture of my kid looking like they would rather be doing anything than having their picture taken.

Growing up, I think my parents purchased every single school portrait their kids had taken, because I even have one of me taken in kindergarten in my daughter’s room.


Yeah yeah I was a baby dork even then. But at least I look like a human child and no one back then photoshopped twinkles in our eyes or whatever.

I should probably start purchasing my kid’s school pictures at least to send to grandparents, because they always request them and I always end up sending them a picture of my kid just hanging out at home or whatever. Which really doesn’t belong on a entryway wall or on top of a piano. I just wish they weren’t so glamor shot-esque. I’d rather see a kid being a kid any day.

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