10 Responses To The Reddit Question ‘What Does Your Teen Think They’re Hiding From You?’

sneaky teenagerBeing a teenager can be hard. Between the hormones, the changing landscape of your body and being forced to learn calculus, that crap can be HARD. That being said, teens can be downright insufferable. They think they know it all, and easily forget that whatever trick they have up their sleeve has been done (and done better) by their parents a hundred times over. But none of this stops teenagers from constantly trying to pull the wool over their mom and dad’s eyes. So one Reddit users asked the eternal question, “Parents of Reddit, what do your kids think they’re hiding from you?” And the answers were as hilariously awful as you might expect.

Some of these are real, while others are probably fake but they’re all hilariously funny. What are some of things your teenagers thinks they are keeping from you?

10. Porn

reddit teen question 1

When will teens learn? If you’re over the age of 12 and you have access to an online device, then we all just assume you’ve at least tried to look at porn.

9. Naughty Llama

reddit teen question 2

Don’t lie. Who doesn’t have a drug addict farm animal or two in their past?

8. Obviously…

reddit teen question 3

Did I even have to include this one?

7. Those were the days…

reddit teen question 4

It makes me a little sad that today’s teens will never experience the pure joy that comes along with hiding your weed and cigs in a floppy drive. The only thing better is hiding it in your Nintendo console.

6. Parent Porn!

reddit teen question 5

Hey, we like looking at nekkid people too! We’re parents, not dead.

5. “Aspankin…”

reddit teen question 6

Reminds me of this guy, from The Simpsons:

That's a paddlin


4. Invasion of the body snatcher…

reddit teen question 7

Alas, alien-Billy still leaves far too many stiff napkins laying around.

3. Serial killing has never been more economical

reddit teen question 8

Hey, before you judge, money don’t grow on trees!

2. Chocolate Stashes

reddit teen question 9

I like this kid’s style.

1. How did they know…?

reddit teen question 10

Dammit, Drop Dead Fred! You did it again!

(Photos: Reddit/PathDoc/Shutterstock)

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