Reddit Mom Considering A Daycare Gets Text Meant For Someone Else And Oh Boy Is It Judgy

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97228745Oh man, I guess the Reddit user who posted this exchange won’t be going with this daycare after all when she received a text obviously meant for someone else after she expressed her concerns to the daycare provider she was considering. The Reddit user, who goes by the name drpetersen, posted this to the Reddit parenting forum:

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And here is the text she sent to the daycare provider and the responses she received:




I mean, OK, this is all a valuable lesson that everyone needs to be extra careful when sending text messages, but I guess it is also a blessing in disguise because who would want to leave their kid with such a judgmental daycare provider? Nursing all night is “lazy?” I am sorry, but as someone who co-slept and nursed on demand it wasn’t lazy, it was exhausting. But it is also neither right nor wrong, it’s just a parenting choice that some people make for whatever reason.

I feel for the daycare provider because caring for an extra needy baby when they have other children to look after isn’t exactly easy either, but maybe they should have double-checked who they were replying to before they sent this text. Now drpetersen feels bad and obviously can’t go with this daycare option.

I feel for any parent trying to find affordable, safe, decent childcare for their children and babies and this all makes me wonder what the daycare workers think about parents and their babies behind their backs. I don’t think any parent is so naive to think that these people don’t think bad things on occasion, or that caregivers and teachers don’t judge us silently sometimes, but when you see something like this I think it strikes a chord with every parent because no matter how good of a job you think you are doing or no matter how insecure you feel about the parenting job you are doing, of course there is someone out there who thinks you are doin’ it rong. Doy.

It’s good that this came out before drpetersen picked them to care for her baby. I’m sure that this daycare wasn’t the right fit for her family. But I’ll be honest, even I cringed when I read that text because as she posted above, she was trying to be all open and honest with how her baby is and to see that reply, yeeesh. No one is a perfect parent. All babies have issues of one sort or another, no matter where they sleep or how they are fed.  Maybe the daycare provider does “bed (need?)  to be more selective ” so she only get babies who don’t cry a lot or need a lot of attention.

Good luck to her finding those babies. Because in my experience, even the most relaxed babies are going to have some unhappy moments.

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