SAHM Reddit Mom Has Jerkface Food-Controlling Husband And This Shiz Would Drive Me Bonkers

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redditdadI LOVE reddit so much because on occasion it can be a giant cesspool of the parenting cray-cray. Take this poor mom of three who is a stay at home mom and has a husband who wants to dictate what she spends a lot of time preparing for her family.

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What the eff dude why don’t you put on an apron and get your sorry ass into the kitchen and prepare some gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free organic meals for the people you live with and give this mom a damn break? When she asks what she can make for three meals a day, seven days a week that works, all I can think of is therapy! Make up a nice steaming batch of therapy! Make a therapy appointment, because your husband obviously has weird control issues that need to be addressed right away before this gets even more out of control!

This is all just so unrealistic especially when you have small kids to feed. Yes, we would all love to live in happy magical fairy land where we have time to make everything from scratch and we have endless bank accounts where everything we prepare is made from organic ingredients or better yet, we all lived on a lovely, pesticide free farm where we grew all of our own produce and slaughtered our own animals who lived a humane, free-range life but come on!

This mom needs to make her husband take a week off and she needs to run away from home and let him deal with doing all of the cooking and cleaning for a week just so he can see how realistic this all is. I consider myself a pretty good cook, I am told I am and my kids and spouse all seem pretty happy with what I prepare, but I know my own husband doesn’t love every single thing I make and I am sure there are a few things in my monthly repertoire that he would love if I never made again, but he would never say so to me. Sheeesh. Being the main meal-preparer in the home is HARD. You have to buy all the groceries and deal with all of the menu planning and decide what to make when and feeding a house full of people is NO easy task, especially considering some of her kids have allergies. I give this mom credit for even dealing with that!

I feel so bad for “grrrmommy” and dealing with this guy. She says she loves him and I hope he is awesome to her in every other aspect of her life, but the guy sounds like he has issues. Maybe his co-worker buddy can come over and cook for them and she can have a spa day or something. All I know is if MY husband ever acted this way, he’d be left with some pizza coupons and my store saver card and I would go spend the night at my mother’s.

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